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  1. C

    Cant Find Footage Win 11

    I recorded test footage in OBS Studio but I cant find where it went. I tried changing the destination in settings but nothing works.
  2. J

    Recdording location help

    So i recorded this vid for my yt which was incredibly funny and i cant do it again (it took like a month). Its not in my directory or desktop or even general videos section. Dont tell me to check my directory and click Open File Location, ive already tried that. Thanks
  3. Z

    OBS Game Capture Black Screen

    I've been trying different solutions and none of them worked. I tried running as Administrator, installing and older version, I've tried changing it to power saving mode/performance mode in graphics settings. I've also checked if I had apps that can interfere and I don't have them. Can someone...
  4. L

    Streaming looks horrible.

    Originally, I thought bitrate was the issue. So I bumped it up to 6000 then 8000, and it barely improved the quality. Then I changed the Downscale Filter from Bibubic to Lanczoz, and yet again, it barely imrpoved the quality. I don't really know what to do, so I came here for help. Lemme know if...
  5. GeekOGames

    Question / Help OBS won't work correctly no matter what I try.

    So, I'm very new to all of this so forgive me if I end up sounding stupid, I really have no clue what to do and anything I've learned was from YouTube or from these forums. I'm trying to start a YoutTube channel and I want to try and make my videos the best quality possible, which means...
  6. S

    Question / Help OBS Does not open, Shows in task manager but not in system tray.

    Windows 10, 1070, i5 7500k, 24gb of ram (2x4 & 2x8), Gigabyte b250m-3, SSD. Not sure what's going on. I've run it as admin, reinstalled several times, restarted my pc over and over, all it does is show up deep in task manager using 0% cpu and 0.1% ram. It does nothing but sit there no matter...
  7. C

    Question / Help Help Me! (Click Please)

    Help! My recordings are all black! help!