Question / Help OBS Does not open, Shows in task manager but not in system tray.


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Windows 10, 1070, i5 7500k, 24gb of ram (2x4 & 2x8), Gigabyte b250m-3, SSD.

Not sure what's going on. I've run it as admin, reinstalled several times, restarted my pc over and over, all it does is show up deep in task manager using 0% cpu and 0.1% ram. It does nothing but sit there no matter how many times I end task and restart.

It does not show in the system tray or on the task bar. Weird install locations and no "untitled.json" files like I've seen in other threads.

It used to work before but it won't work now. really frustrated.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
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