Real Basic Youtube Streaming Q


New Member
I'm brand new to all this, and I have some simple questions.
When I tried streaming to youtube, it seems that there are several steps:
1) Get ready to stream with SLOBS.
2) Prior to streaming, one should first jump over to youtube, log in and set up youtube to recieve the stream.
3) After step 2, go back to SLOBS and start streaming.

Is this correct? Is this the most efficient way to do this?

Once you start streaming, how do you know its really working? I can't tell by looking at SLOBS where the file is going or how to see it in process. I think its the extra stuff you have to do with youtube that's a little unclear to me.
Also, if you have more than 1 youtube channel, does SLOBS automatically know which one you have logged into prior to streaming, or, do you need to furnish a specific key or something?