Quickly switch between Twitch titles (including descriptions, tags and game titles)


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I mainly stream games on Twitch.
However, I don't play just one game, I play a variety of different titles.
With the OBS feature, I can switch between them by entering the streaming title, description, tags, and game title, but I can only record up to one.
It would be very time efficient if we could save tags, etc. for each game title and switch between them with one click.

Is there already a feature that meets my requirements? (It could be an additional plugin or another app)

I am sure you all have the same problem.
Am I just the only one who doesn't know of a convenient way to do this?


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I thought I had found a great solution.

However, this didn't seem to work in current Twitch.
Does what I am looking for no longer exist in this world?