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  1. S

    Quickly switch between Twitch titles (including descriptions, tags and game titles)

    I mainly stream games on Twitch. However, I don't play just one game, I play a variety of different titles. With the OBS feature, I can switch between them by entering the streaming title, description, tags, and game title, but I can only record up to one. It would be very time efficient if we...
  2. ezobtera

    Is it possible to switch scenes when the USB Camera turns off?

    I am using a Canon 550D connected to my Mac via HDMI Video capture. Since it is an old camera, it turns off every 30mins. When that happens, it shows the Color Bars as my video feed. It is a little embarrassing when used during live video chats and meetings. Is there a way to automatically...
  3. T

    Question / Help Change followed window without changing a scene

    Hello, I would like to stream my poker game. I play on a few tables at the same moment, but I want to show only one of them on the stream - this one, where the action is most important at the moment. I play like 6-9 tables so its hard to switch between scenes even using hotkeys (I don't...