Question / Help Change followed window without changing a scene


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I would like to stream my poker game. I play on a few tables at the same moment, but I want to show only one of them on the stream - this one, where the action is most important at the moment.
I play like 6-9 tables so its hard to switch between scenes even using hotkeys (I don't remember which number has particular table).
Following active window is also not an option, because sometimes I want to follow still the same table, but I need to click a few unimportant actions on the other ones and I don't want to skip beetween windows just because of this clicks.

The perfect solution for me would be something like changing streamed window by click on it with some button pressed.
Is it possible? Or maybe you guys have some better ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Did you try the multiview of OBS? It's menu View->Multiview (fullscreen)/(windowed).
The lower half of the multiview shows a preview of every scene and you select a scene for output by just clicking on a preview window in the multiview. You can customize the multiview a bit in Settings->General->Multiview.
To use it, create a scene for every one of your table and change between them not via hotkey but via click on the multiview.
Works best with a second monitor.