Pure OBS Crash in the middle of the LIVE Stream


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Hello everyone,
I am running a digital philanthropic project that is essentially a bi-weekly live event where we share gifts to our viewers while we play LIVE games. Anyhow, if you want to see more details, you can see LuckyLootTube.com , because we are not here to promote our project, we are not even willing to do so :D as this has a different purpose, not that to gain subscribers and stuff.

Okay, so:
We used to utilize SLOBS for less "headaches," but we eventually switched to OBS for more freedom. I know, right...?!

After a week of refining and changing the LIVE transmission settings to our new 2 PC setup, preparing all the plugins and webhooks, we've been running the first LIVE stream (yesterday), and suddenly, OBS crashed. QQ
There was not a single error, message, red flag, or suspicious activity. The internet connection was healthy and there was no other "consumer" connected to this specific network, so we had full Internet Connection "POWA".
I had to restart the Streaming PC and re-run OBS before everything returned to normal. No more crash, afterwards...
Now, today morning I tried again and guess what... OBS crashed again. But it's something random, because then I ran it again, and now it works fine. But I am afraid that it will crash again in the middle of the LIVE event.

I would appreciate some help, please, as I am just trying to make this work and bring more joy to our small but healthy community (LuckyLootTube).

Things to be mentioned, before the log file LINK:
1. Nothing changed into settings - everything is the same as it was last night when it crashed (or today morning when it crashed again);
2. Everything runs the same way - nothing uninstalled, nothing altered, no different plugins, 0 differences on both streaming laptop and gaming pc;
3. The LIVE stream is running for already 10 minutes or so, right before I did click on Upload log file;
4. There's also a print screen with how OBS looked like when it crashed.

Log file LINK: https://obsproject.com/logs/OvG0wlQh7V7majUL
OBS Crash print screen, attached down below.


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You have duplicated installs of streamfx in your install of obs, you need to clean that up. You should also make sure your plugins are all up to date.


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First of all, hanks for answering my issues. I truly do appreciate.
Second of all, due to the fact that I do appreciate your time, I won't waste it further down the road and ask you how to do that... I will just google it, I already have some guess that I have to delete the .dll files from x64 folder (Windows 10 user here).

So, yeah, thanks once again and I will come back with an update, after I will be done with it.


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You have duplicated installs of streamfx in your install of obs, you need to clean that up. You should also make sure your plugins are all up to date.
Thanks a lot!
I may believe that everything works fine now.
I did follow your steps, I did also turn off the Gaming Mode from Windows 10 and I also got rid of some Scenes and Sources so I can clear things up. I am currently running a testing stream for over 1 hour already and everything seems stable.

I have the Log here, in case you have time to throw an eye over.

Thanks a lot for giving me a hand. I appreciate.