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I've been trying to setup OBS to record videos for weeks now. On recurring problem I haven't been able to fix is the audio desync.

I have used the audio offset feature in the advanced audio properties. I have even used other applications to measure the delay and set the precise amount of millisecond offset.
However, this never lasts. After a couple of videos, it desyncs again, to completely different values.

Last night was the perfect example. I had managed a perfect sync a couple of days ago and hadnt used OBS in a while. I turned off my MAC, PS4, and let them rest for a couple of hours before starting recording.

I recorded 7 20-30min videos. During the last recording, I started experiencing severe frame drops in my recording feed. I decided to stop recording after that.

This morning, I restarted my MAC and recorded 5 more videos with no visible issues at the time.

When reviewing the 12 videos I noticed that the first 6 videos from yesterday were perfectly synced. However, the 7th video was desynced from the beginning and on top of that, all of the following videos were desynced as well.

UPDATE: I made a more thorough review of the videos, they do seem to be desyncing progressively.

(It seems that the only sources that desync are the Blue Snowball Mic's audio from the Logitech C922 Pro Camera video. I don't know which one is the one that is causing the problem.)

My setup is as follows:

Mac Pro (late 2013)
OSX 10.13.5
3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5
12GB 1866MHz DDR3
AMD FirePro D300 2048MB

OBS 21.1.1
elGato Game Capture 2.9.1
Apowersoft audio device

BLUE Snowball

Logitech C922 Pro

PS4 (First model)


Game Capture:
-Video source: Window capture GameCaptureHD
--Capture Card: elgato HD60S
---Analog audio Source (elGato chat link)

-Audio Source: Desktop Capture
--Offset: 200ms delay
--Volume: 0.0dB

Live Capture:
-Video Source: Logitech c922 Webcam
--Filter: Async: 400ms delay
---Frame rate: simple fps values (30)
---Input format: MJPEG
---Use buffering

-Audio Source: Blue Snowball Mic
--Offset: 690ms delay
---Noise suppression: -60 (x10)
--Volume: 0.0dB

Format: MKV
Encoder: x264
Rate Control: CBR
Bitrate: 4000
Audio Bitrate: 192
AUDIO Sample Rate: 48khz
VIDEO Canvas resolution: 1920x1080
Output resolution: 1920x1080
Common FPS value: 30

Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Help is extremely appreciated.


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