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Any audio played from my desktop but NOT my mic is echoing, I guess, before the actual audio. Or after like a normal echo, I'm not really sure, because the first one is a really quiet version of the second piece of audio (the second piece sounding like what I heard when I was actually recording but sometimes being off time - like my friend will ask a question in the queit audio and I'll reply and then the actual audio volume will play right AFTER so... I'm not entirely certain what's going on). It happens most often with my friends on Discord but also saw it happening by testing it with Youtube videos and such. I have no idea how to fix it. Under Advanced Audio Properties, I've tried to change it to Monitor Only (mute output) AND Monitor and Output, which both SEEM like they're helping get rid of this echo but they make even my 100% desktop audio so, so quiet that I can't even tell.

I would just learn to live with that solution if it actually worked (again, can't really tell) and if I could actually utilize the multiple audio tracks, but that's another thing I've been unsuccessfully attempting to use. I've tried to follow multiple tutorials and suck to separate audio like the volume mixer does on windows so that I could just change the volume while I'm editing my clips but when I try to use multiple tracks, it either records no audio or just gives me 2+ tracks with the exact same audio - defeating the purpose of having multiple tracks.

I really could use help on the first issue and the second I will have to make another post about eventually but I have looked and looked for an answer, I'm just not OBS-savvy enough to understand most of the information being given to me and thus could really, really use the hands on help. Thanks in advance!!! (p.s. let me know if I need to upload a different log file)


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