Question / Help Plugin to use OBS to stream to USB


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Basically I'm trying to stream from OBS, through USB 3.0, into another computer and use it as an input device for OBS.


Computer 1 outputs video data via OBS
Computer 2 takes in video data via OBS

Any help would be appreciated
(If this is the wrong section I'm sorry, but I am on windows)


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I'm not aware of any way to do that. Perhaps someone else knows of a piece of hardware I don't? But here are some workarounds:

Any capture card would let you take an audio/video feed from an HDMI port and translate that to USB 3 to be used as a source in another computer. But from within OBS, the program is expecting its output to be a recorded file or a network stream. You could mimic a live feed out of it by using an available HDMI port (if you have one) for a preview, and then also sending monitor audio to that port (if your machine supports HDMI audio).

Alternatively, if both machines run OBS with the NDI plugin, you can do this over a network cable instead of USB. This is probably your best option.

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