Question / Help Pixelated Stream Quality, RDR2 in game HUD Flicker, Geforce Experience FPS Counter Flicker


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Hey everyone, i have googled the internet, reading of numerous folk experiencing the same or at least similar issues as me but i have never came across a solution to it so here goes...

I will list my System Specs and Log etc at the end of the post...

The issue im experiencing does not happen with Xsplit or Geforce Experience, i have tried turning on and off the Geforce Experience Overlay, and well you could say if im not having this problem elsewhere then use other software, but i honestly love the noise gate and other features of OBS compared top others so would idealy like to stick with OBS.

First and foremost, my stream quality is pixelated/blocky when i move and turn fast, when i stop what im doing in game the image sharpens up (This is with any game i play on my PC not just RDR2. I am playing at 1080p and my Output is set to 720p 60FPS whilst streaming to YouTube.

Secondly, when using the Geforce Experience FPS coutner it flickers when in game, when im in the main menu of a game this does not happen, only when my game has fully loaded up, i have also noticed that the mini map on Red Dead Redemption 2 flickers the same way, again this does not happen with Xsplit or Geforce Experience, i have tried Vulkan and Direct X 12 and it happens with both API's, only difference is i get a smoother experience with Direct X 12.

That pretty much sums it up, i know during the Corona Virus Lockdown people are having issues with internet traffic etc, but this has been happening since before Christmas, i have over 200mb download speed and around 21mb upload speed.

Many thanks in advance and i will leave a log file here and system specs...

CPU: Intel I7-8700K (Not OC)
GPU: Nvidia 2070 Super FE
RAM: 16 GB Gskill Ripjaw 5 (2x8GB)
Storage: 1TB Samsung Evo M.2
500GB Samsung Evo M.2 (This is what OBS and Windows 10 is installed on)


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