[OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture

OBS Studio [OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture


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Hi I’d like too ask if people are using USB capture devices which devices people use and maybe recommend if good or bad ,reason I ask is my EasyCap usb device is great with vhs audio ,but there is no option to choose video capture device this is my win 10 laptop,on the other hand on my MacMini running Catalina,Video is very good but audio is gash ,there’s no microphone on the system ,I’ve been using ishowu audio set up as the audio capture device as mic aux ,and audio output as my speakers ,could any one please provide information what I’m doing wrong ,would really appreciate some help ,thinking of upgrading computer ,but at the moment maybe upgrade might not help ,Dave many thanks ,I’ve checked every windows and Mac setup YouTube videos no resoloution .


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This tutorial sure don’t work for me Catalina10.15.1 ,ishowu audio ,no microphone in my system ,not bothered about streaming ,but would like to capture video and audio from vhs player usb device 2.0 ,can’t even see usb capture device as an option in video capture device ,some help would be welcome ,TIA hopefully ,Dave


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Hey there "amsyar ZeRo''

Some of us are haveing problems but i have found a solution for "mac os catalina'' its a permision problem that
does not allow "OBS'' to record audio but i have the solution:

1. Do amsyar ZeRo's tutorial like normal
2. open a command promt or Terminal
3. enter the following command into the terminal or command promt (they are the same) :
"open /Applications/OBS.app/Contents/MacOS/OBS --args -picture''
4. the terminal will ask for admin permison to : Record audio and sound
5. After giveing admin perms to the terminal (you might have to go to settings)
6 IF you have to go to settings opens privacy or sycurity ( Refered to as "P&S'' )
7. in P&S go to Privacy and give permision to the Terminal in the secion "screen recording''
8. if done correctly you will be able to record useing OBS

if you open obs from the apps folder it will NOT work if you can pleease contact me
Thanks. This worked!

Hope we get a permanent solution soon.


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Just wondering, I get a pop up window that says that iShowU will be incompatible with future releases of MacOS, is there an alternative for when this stops working?