[OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture

[OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture


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So most of you know, to capture audio from a Mac you need an extension like Soundflower. But what most of you don't know is that you can use another extension to capture audio. I present to you, iShowU Audio Capture!

  • iShowU Audio Capture(duh): An extension used by iShowU Studio & iShowU Instant. It's 101% free.
  • Audio MIDI Setup: An audio utility. Comes with every version of Mac.

1. Install iShowU Audio Capture(link in checklist) like you installed Soundflower.
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.29.35 PM.png

2. (optional)Uninstall Soundflower.

3. Open Audio MIDI Setup. Click the "+" button at the bottom left of the window. Choose "Create Multi-Output Device".
Step 3.png

4. Check the boxes for Built-in Output & iShowU Audio Capture in the "Use" column. Also check the box for Built-in Output in the "Drift Correction" column to prevent audio sync issues.
Step 4.png

5. Open System Preferences, then go to Sound. In the Output section, select your newly created multi-output device.
Step 5.png

6. Open OBS. Go to Settings, then Audio. Select iShowU Audio Capture as one of your Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device.
Step 6.png

After this, you should be able to record & stream with audio. Enjoy!


Q: Why do you need to put the extension in Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device, not Desktop Audio Device?

A: In theory, Soundflower & iShowU Audio Capture are 2 different extensions. iShowU Audio Capture is a virtual mic while Soundflower is a virtual audio grabber. So any virtual mic goes into the Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device & any virtual audio grabber goes into Desktop Audio Device.

Q: Can you use this with Quicktime?

A: Absolutely! Just select iShowU Audio Capture in the Microphone section.

Q: Why does my video have no sound?

A: You opened the program you intended to record before switching to the Multi-Output Device. The device will only capture audio from any program opened after switching.

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When I set the OBS inputs to my main output and ishowu, my audio quality degrades significantly and at one point went into slow motion, not sure what's going on... The Multi-output device also kept defaulting at 16khz but even after I uninstalled ishowu and deleted the M/O device, OBS kept degrading my audio quality. I only regained HD audio after removing the new obs input devices / closing obs
Still didn't work for me... I followed step by step every direction and everything looks the same but still no audio.
good job
What a lifesaver. Seriously, thank you so much. My issue was that if I chose ishowu as the output in my mac settings sound would no longer come out of my headphones. Using the audio MIDI setup and making a multi-output device fixed that. So again, many thanks.