[OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture

[OS X]Capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture


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So most of you know, to capture audio from a Mac you need an extension like Soundflower. But what most of you don't know is that you can use another extension to capture audio. I present to you, iShowU Audio Capture!

  • iShowU Audio Capture(duh): An extension used by iShowU Studio & iShowU Instant. It's 101% free.
  • Audio MIDI Setup: An audio utility. Comes with every version of Mac.

1. Install iShowU Audio Capture(link in checklist) like you installed Soundflower.
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.29.35 PM.png

2. (optional)Uninstall Soundflower.

3. Open Audio MIDI Setup. Click the "+" button at the bottom left of the window. Choose "Create Multi-Output Device".
Step 3.png

4. Check the boxes for Built-in Output & iShowU Audio Capture in the "Use" column. Also check the box for Built-in Output in the "Drift Correction" column to prevent audio sync issues.
Step 4.png

5. Open System Preferences, then go to Sound. In the Output section, select your newly created multi-output device.
Step 5.png

6. Open OBS. Go to Settings, then Audio. Select iShowU Audio Capture as one of your Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device.
Step 6.png

After this, you should be able to record & stream with audio. Enjoy!


Q: Why do you need to put the extension in Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device, not Desktop Audio Device?

A: In theory, Soundflower & iShowU Audio Capture are 2 different extensions. iShowU Audio Capture is a virtual mic while Soundflower is a virtual audio grabber. So any virtual mic goes into the Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device & any virtual audio grabber goes into Desktop Audio Device.

Q: Can you use this with Quicktime?

A: Absolutely! Just select iShowU Audio Capture in the Microphone section.

Q: Why does my video have no sound?

A: You opened the program you intended to record before switching to the Multi-Output Device. The device will only capture audio from any program opened after switching.

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FYI This does NOT work for fully updated macs with the BIgSur programming. And the only other option they include is a paid route.
Did anyone manage to make it work on a Mac with M1? It installs but then I don't see the prompt to allow the system extension.
This thing works great! except FACETIME! can't hear the person talking. I am able to hear the call ring and the Facetime "incoming call" audio message.

My Audio output options are:
* Internal Speakers
* Bose Headphones Bluetooth
* a TV connected using HDMI, where I can redirect the audio too.
* iShowU Audio Capture
* Multi-Output Device

I ran a test using MS teams and Zoom, and I was able to switch in between all the output options available and heard the incoming messages.

When I am in a Facetime audio or video call, people CAN hear me but I CAN'T hear them. I am able to switch in between outputs, and nothing! what could be wrong?

Any ideas? suggestions? tips?

OBS Studio 26.0.2 (64 bit)
macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
MacBook Pro, 16Ram, 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core i7

Thank you! hoping for help.
Hey this still doesn't work for me. I followed the steps. I want to stream the sound of PS4 Remote Play and Apple Music, what else do I need to do from there?

Mix/Aux 2 isn't picking up any of the sound that's coming out of my MacBook. Is there anything I have to do with the Advance Audio Properties menu with the Audio Monitoring and Tracks options?
When I set the OBS inputs to my main output and ishowu, my audio quality degrades significantly and at one point went into slow motion, not sure what's going on... The Multi-output device also kept defaulting at 16khz but even after I uninstalled ishowu and deleted the M/O device, OBS kept degrading my audio quality. I only regained HD audio after removing the new obs input devices / closing obs
Still didn't work for me... I followed step by step every direction and everything looks the same but still no audio.
good job
What a lifesaver. Seriously, thank you so much. My issue was that if I chose ishowu as the output in my mac settings sound would no longer come out of my headphones. Using the audio MIDI setup and making a multi-output device fixed that. So again, many thanks.