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Hello, This is a re-post from a couple weeks ago, I have a pretty good PC, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Titan Graphics card with an i7 core processor and i'm having big problems with recording with almost any recording software including OBS. No matter what the bitrate is it will always be to choppy as in the video will freeze and the then resume while the audio remains the same, or the video will just be way to grainy / blurry, Is there no way to have near perfect recording quality with my PC? Please help, I've had recording problems all my life of trying to record stuff on my computer, It would be extremely satisfying to have good video quality now that i finally have a good PC. Thank you!


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@SizzlingMelon Your original video is 1080p with 60fps. For this, bitrate 3500 is too low. With CBR, you need at least 6000, better 8000-9000 for 1080@60, depending on the material. Don't compare with @Mhanollo 's video, since that was recorded with only 720p, and for this resolution 3500 is ok. 1080p is double the data of 720p, so you need double the bandwidth.

But forget all this. Since you're recording and not streaming, don't continue to use CBR as rate control. Instead, change rate control to CQP and use a CQ level of about 18-23 (lower values mean higher quality). Your recorded footage will look as the original (at the cost of the video file being a bit larger than before). And as encoder choose nvenc (new) instead of only nvenc.


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This video is perfect. Keep in mind that immediately after upload, Youtube will recode it to provide many different resolutions. The lowest resolution appears first, the better ones need more time and will appear later. Check the actual resolutions that are available by clicking the configuration wheel at the lower right corner of the Youtube player, in the "Quality" submenu.