Bug Report OBS Unable to capture desktop properly


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OBS has some glitching going on when capturing the Desktop space on Linux, it'll flicker the image to whatever's behind a window, ie; Desktop's background image, instead of capturing a clean state of the entire desktop without flickering whenever things are moving around on screen either in the foreground or background.

Other issues which is still persistent in OBS on Linux to the current build is that capturing specific windows will always show black screen, even if Hardware Acceleration is turned off, unable to capture fullscreened applications or windowed applications properly like Google Chrome for example, but captures OK for Firefox. This is always an issue when using Xcomposite to draw and capture specific windows. I would look to maybe using Wayland Compositor as an alternative, which has better support for this kind of thing, despite the fact that it does use X server as a backend reference. Wayland can draw and capture specific windows you want to capture without getting a black screen.


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