1. m1n3r_spl

    [Kubuntu 23.10] Segfault when attempting to use XComposite window capture

    Title. I want to use the APT version for its support for ALSA. (PulseAudio constantly turns my mic boost to 100 on startup, ear-raping viewers and voice-chat participants. I BADLY need help with that.) When I go to add a window capture via PipeWire, all I get is a black screen. The Select Window...
  2. J

    XComposite cause failure under OBS in Debian (Gnome in XOrg)

    As soon as I do a mouse click in any XComposite component in the Scene, the software crases itself. I tried lot of things, but... Nothing worked. Meanwhile I am using an appimage old version that is stable enough and don't cause me more bugs... But I guess that there is somethign wrong here...
  3. S

    in windows Window Capture (Xcomposite) does not display the firefox browser

    Hi, to be precise I don't display anything but obs app and "Create/Select source". Why don't I display the instance of my firefox browser? I'm using the latest version of obs ( - Linux - OpenSuse Leap 15.3). Thank you.
  4. F

    Xcomposite Window Capture is frozen / does not update

    Xcomposite shows 1 frame, but never updates, remaining frozen. If I change one of the window capture settings, it renders a new frame, and stays frozen there again. It updates while I'm moving the window around, but not when left in one place. It captures my cursor over the window, but not...
  5. TheK0tYaRa

    openSUSE tumbleweed Xcomposite window selection hangs OBS

    It doesn't appear before the hang occurs. Launching in console revealed this at the end: info: User added source 'Window Capture (Xcomposite)' (xcomposite_input) to scene 'Scene' After that nothing else occurs and all the OBS app freezes until closed via rapid X mark mashing.
  6. mishasl

    [Bug Report] error: glCopyImageSubData failed

    When i add Window Capture (xcomposti) i get following error : error: glCopyImageSubData failed, glGetError returned GL_INVALID_OPERATION(0x502) error: device_copy_texture (GL) failed The video is not displayed normally. OS : Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS OBS Studio : 25.0.8
  7. E

    Question / Help Window capture stopped working on large windows sizes (Nvidia)

    Hi, Looks like if before I was able to do window capture (xcomposite) on large windows (i.e. 3440x14440), with most recent Nvidia drivers - 440.82) seems like OBS (25.0.8) gives me an error like: error: xcompcap: glXCreatePixmap failed: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) If I...
  8. zepar

    Question / Help Trying to create a window capture for any window except OBS fails with BadAlloc

    My system is Manjaro, with Gnome 3.34 and anytime i want to create a window capture, terminal gives out the error message error: xcompcap: glXCreatePixmap failed: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) for any window that i tried to record, except for OBS itself, which it will happily...
  9. B

    Question / Help OBS Xcomposite source does not follow changes

    Hi All! I have a problem with Xcomposite source. The Xcomposite source does not follow in OBS, what happen in source window, unless If I move the source wndow, OBS will start the following. I made a Youtube video about it, becouse It is hard for me to describe this...
  10. S

    Bug Report OBS Unable to capture desktop properly

    OBS has some glitching going on when capturing the Desktop space on Linux, it'll flicker the image to whatever's behind a window, ie; Desktop's background image, instead of capturing a clean state of the entire desktop without flickering whenever things are moving around on screen either in the...
  11. Scoopta

    Bug Report error: glCopyImageSubData failed

    So when I originally updated to mesa 18 the color depth was all messed up and then later I got another mesa update that completely broke OBS entirely. Now I just get error: glCopyImageSubData failed, glGetError returned 0x502 error: device_copy_texture (GL) failed I've got obs studio 21.1.2...
  12. T

    Question / Help Xcomposite is Black screen (OBS 21.1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

    I using OBS 21.1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS at Twitch stream. But some game and Windows is Black screen when I capture Xcomposite. For example, "Mark of the ninja" and "Google chrome" is Black screen. but "Mad Max" "Witcher2" is OK. OBS logs writen like this. "glCopyImageSubData failed, glGetError...