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Hi! I'm an enthusiast about Streaming, so I definitely don't know as much as others here about OBS in detail. I just tried using v28 Beta2 after using a stable build, and after exiting the software, it gives crash reports - thought it would help someone, cause I don't understand it haha


  • OBS v28 Beta2 Crash Report - On Exit.pdf
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My friends Logs since we have same/ similar settings just quality difference and we both experienced this issue with 7 files of blank screen and 3 audio tracks
Which of the log files from you or your friend are from sessions where the problem occurred?

If possible, please attach a single log from a session where the issue occurred. Ideally, reproduce the issue in a fresh scene collection that has nothing else in it but a game capture source so that the log file is easier to read. I'll try to go over these logs again, but there's a lot going on in them, so it's difficult to pick out any one thing that stands out. I've seen a few logs where the Game Capture source was pointed at an application that was not able to be captured, which would cause no capture to appear. What games have you seen this problem occur with so that we can potentially narrow our investigation? Were there any other sources in the scene with the game capture? Was the entire video black, or just the game capture source? Was it black for the entire video file, or just part of the video file?

Hello to all... no solution for now with NDI in beta2 ?
A new release of obs-ndi is being worked on.

My OBS Virtual Camera is crashing when I switch between Breakout Rooms in Zoom on OBS 28 Beta 2 (also happened on Beta 1).

When I try to enter a breakout room Zoom seems to hang for a long time, then once I'm in the breakout room either the "OBS Virtual Camera" no longer shows up in Zoom as a source (Beta 1) or I'm unable to "Enable Video" in Zoom until I quit and restart Zoom (Beta 2).

Running on a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra in case that's of relevance. Let me know what other information would be helpful.
Thanks for all your hard work!
We'll look into this. Thanks for the report!

I have a question about the audio part of the new Mac ScreenCaptureKit support:
  • Added support for the ScreenCaptureKit Framework on macOS 12.5+, including support for direct audio capture without requiring third-party solutions on macOS 13+ [Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering/PatTheMav/gxalpha]
will this finally enable the ability to select audio channels other than the first two from a multi-channel source? That would allow me to eliminate an entire piece of software from my workflow, as I’m currently using a DAW just to set the levels of inputs 1-4 on my Motu M4 and mix them into two channels to send to OBS.

I’ve ordered a new MacBook for my personal use that I’ll try macOS 13 beta on, but for now I only have my production machine, and I can’t risk the beta OS on that.
To answer the question, "will this finally enable the ability to select audio channels other than the first two from a multi-channel source?": no.


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How are we suppose to check if plugins, stream deck content has been updated. is it a kind of spray and pray deal?
We have detection in OBS Studio 28 that will alert you if plugins are not compatible with OBS Studio 28 due to Qt incompatibility. If there are plugins that do not work with OBS Studio 28, please contact the plugin author or current maintainer.

Tried running OBS 28.0.0 RC1 it crashes on start included a crash log. Reinstall 27 .x.x and it runs fine

did manage to get a log file. https://obsproject.com/logs/AM9DiLAaJz238Q7v
Looks like an NVIDIA driver crash. Please update your Intel and your NVIDIA drivers:
If you need additional assistance, please reach out on our Discord server in either the #beta-testing or #windows-support channel.


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What is missing from HDR support for IOS? If I stream HDR from my iPhone using Larix Broadcaster and HEVC will all 10bits be captured?


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I installed it and did not lose my filters I really like the native Nvidia broadcast support. I’ve been playing around with playing in HDR and streaming and having it tone mapped to SDR it works well from what I can tell I really like it. I was wondering if there was a way I can make my games appear brighter on stream maybe by adjusting SDR white point in the settings ? Again this is not streaming HDR just playing in HDR and having it tone mapped to SDR.


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Hi. I was using the RC on MacOS Monterey earlier today and swapped to the Ventura Public Beta 3 -- my recording output went from super clean 720p/60 to really blurry/pixelated after the update.

Any ideas? I've went over all the settings and made sure it was identical. I have recordings I can share if you'd like to see the quality difference.


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I have an issue the renders me completely unable to use this version of obs.

I have a video of the issue

If I just open OBS the issue happens in every game I have tried changing various settings nothing works. This issue just happened with this beta. I love the HDR features but I can’t even play with the micro stutter it’s a huge deal for me. As soon as I close obs the issue stops.

Any ideas


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Hardware acceleration of Pro Res videos still doesn't work on M1 ARM - just produces a black frame.
It's not wired up yet.

It's not wired up yet.

Isn't that related to encoding? I'm just using a ProRes file as a background layer within a scene.


The new split file feature doesn't update path of recording output, it stays as first.

Reproduce bug (or intended?) with this extension
with this snippet,set low delay between splits and click execute, it stays the same:

local r = obs_frontend_get_recording_output()
local d = obs_output_get_settings(r)