Question / Help OBS "Stopping recording" won't stop and recording is damaged


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Dear OBS-Users!

I am really frustrated! I changed my recording program from Mirillis Action! to OBS to recieve a better video quality. To be honest, I can really see that the video quality is much better with OBS, but sadly the recording doesn't work as it should do.

For example, I am recording a video with a length of 30 minutes (it doens't matter if I use the hotkey to start/stop the recording) and want to end the recording OBS says "stopping recording ..." (sry for wrong translation maybe, in German it says "Stoppe Aufnahme"). It says that for many minutes until I click on it again. Then the recording really stops but in the .avi file the last few minutes of the recording are missing (so for example, the recording is 30 minutes long but only 26, sometimes only 23 minutes are in the .avi file). I changed a few settings cause I found some other threads regarding this issue but it doesn't help me.

I use the external HDD for my recordings, it's an USB 3.0 HDD in the NTFS-Format.
I use I420, 709 and limited color.
If you need more of my settings I can surely give you that but there are so many different settings I am not able to post them all here.

Is this issue well known? I found some threads here but nothing really helped me so I am asking you guys now in this thread. Hope someone can help me :)

This is the OBS-Log-file: OBS-Log

P.S: Sorry for my bad english if something is not clear, just ask I try to explain it in detail