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Hi, I'm edge, I'm an overwatch streamer, kind of new around OBS forums, but decided to join here from watching OBS posts a while back.
Anyway, my question is...
Now, on OBS Studio, I use the NVENC encoder with a 5500-6000 bitrate mainly all the time, with a preset of low latency high quality. With this, I can stream at a good quality and have a stable fps of around 100+ but sometimes I drop around to 90 making my game lag. I look at some other reddit posts recently and a while back with people having a solution of how lowering the FPS puts less stress on the GPU. I tried that but still get little laggy increments in my game. If you could find any solution, anyone please?
Main Computer: Alienware Aurora R5
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070
CPU: Intel i7-6700
SSD: 256 GB
Main Drive : 1 TB
Processor Speed : 3.4 Ghz
Operating System : Windows 10
2 Monitors: Main-HP 27es 60hz Second- Samsung 1366x768 HDMI
People tell me for better quality, you should use x264, but I find that very much a struggle on my CPU, and sometimes have laggy increments, where using NVENC at 5500-6000 bitrate creates a much substantial way for my PC to run well and my game to work somewhat well, again the question being asked is how I can create it so I can keep a stable fps of 100+ where it doesn't drop. If you could tell me the best way, please mention it in the comments, I'm really needing this so I can keep this on a stable stream.
Thanks, Edge