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I started streaming about 1 year ago and everything was fine then about 1 month ago I bought a 144Hz screen. After that in all of my streams my FPS felt like it was 45 - 50ish but there are no dropped frames, no encoding lag, nothing. I checked my GPU, CPU, RAM usages and there are no problems there, nothing is maxing out. I also checked if it is my internet speed so I recorded my gameplays locally and I had the same results. FYI my second monitor is 60 Hz. But I think it is not the problem because I tried recording with only my 60hz monitor connected, it didn't make any difference. I tried capping my in-game FPS to 60, it didn't work. I also tried Streamlabs OBS, same results there too. Disabling or enabling Windows Game Mode didn't make a difference. I am running OBS in administrator mode. I tried both encoders too (x264 and NVENC (new) )

Sample of my recording

My log file is down below


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