OBS lagging and stuttering for seemingly no reason


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I've used OBS for many years now without issue, though today I tried recording and suddenly the output is incredibly laggy. I'm using the same settings, the same hardware and nothing else has changed.

The preview window for the recording shows it's recording perfectly, the application says 60 frames per second, there is no encoding overload error message or anything. I've also checked task manager and it's shown that my CPU, Memory, GPU, etc. are all running perfectly fine and not having any issue while recording.

I haven't been able to find anything online so I figured I would see if the forums can help me; here is an attachment of my log file as well


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I have same problem. I tried to reinstall OBS, but it didn't work. Hardware: CPU-AMD RYZEN 5 3500x; GPU-Radeon RX 5500 XT MECH 4G OC; 8Gb RAM 3200MHz; MOBO: GIGABYTE A520 AORUS ELITE