lag recording

  1. Z

    Laggy screen recording file

    Hellooo! I have a laggy screen recording file and hope someone knows how to fix it. It's a 4-hour screen recording and here are the output settings I used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! The recording started at 17:10:25.863 in the log
  2. J

    Can anyone give me recommendations to fix frame lag in recordings? I'm at my wits' end

    So I'm trying to record gameplay and my camera at the same time but keeping both in full resolution (3,840 x 1,080 canvas) and using separate audio tracks so I can then edit them easily. I have changed a lot of settings but I still get a few skipped frames, which wouldn't be much of an issue if...
  3. A

    record screen with lag

    For example, if I record on my screen watching a YouTube video that is at 60fps, and I am recording my screen at 30fps, the recording is jerky, that is, with lag, and the recorded video is recorded with lag. In the previous versions it recorded that way without any problem.
  4. E

    My game is lagging while recording.

    My game keeps running on 30 fps while I record however the recording was like 60 fps. I cant get proper plays while I have 30 fps even if it looks like I had 60 fps or more in the recording that I made. I hope someone can help me fix this problem, I have searched in Youtube for fixes but none of...
  5. Chrisrust1997

    Fortnite Doesn't Lag in Game but the OBS Screen Recording Does :(

    Could someone check the log file below and let me know what might be an issue or something that I could do to fix this? Lag: It's not too bad but not something that I'd want to post on YT. Like I run everything at 60 FPS to not overload my computer and really I've never needed BEYOND 60 FPS...
  6. A

    Lag only when recording

    When I stream I have no LAG, but when I record I have 5 fps :(
  7. W

    OBS lagging and stuttering for seemingly no reason

    I've used OBS for many years now without issue, though today I tried recording and suddenly the output is incredibly laggy. I'm using the same settings, the same hardware and nothing else has changed. The preview window for the recording shows it's recording perfectly, the application says 60...
  8. sonicgalaxy27

    Video file lagging issues

    Well, I may have solve the out of sync problem in OBS software 2 months ago, but now, I'm having some serious trouble with the lags now in my video file. Every time I record my new game Pokémon Legends and save my recording, the video file that I save just started lagging for no reason. Yes this...
  9. A

    Mac OS Catalina Recording issues

    Hi there, I hope you are having a wonderfull day, recently I'm having some issues when I'm trying to recording my screen when I'm playing League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm... or any game, everything was fine till 2 days ago, I was able to play and recording without any drop frames or lag...