cpu overload, with a pc that has a 3070 and an i7 11700K


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Hi all, I had been recording Far cry 6 normally for several days, when I later realized after recording that the clip lagged, however the game was running smoothly without lag, so I decided to investigate but digging deep on the internet I still couldn't find Nothing!.
my pc is quite powerful since it has an i7 11700k and a 3070, an nvme ssd and 16gb of ram with 3600mhz, in fact i recorded in 1440p and with quite high obs settings, i found no lag for the first time, i also keep my PC with enough space and I continuously update the gpu drivers and the bios, I also noticed that by lowering the graphics settings nothing changes, moreover this only happens with far cry 6, because for example it doesn't happen with fortnite, so I'm in a total crisis because i can't solve it, so please help me, thanks.