OBS freezing when recording emulation gameplay, with Windows capture


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Hello everyone,
i have been experiancing issues with running OBS when i am capturing gameplay with Windows capture. i was streaming deadspace 2 the other day and while streaming everything was runing good, but i got a point during my stream where OBS kept freezing on me and pushing me offline. so i had to close OBS and restart my stream, only for it to happen again

i was discussing this issue with a fellow sreamer, and he informed me that i needed to swap to Game Capture for Dead Space 2. after swapping it cleared up a lot and did not crash on me for the remainder of my stream.

when i swapped from dead space, over to pokemon White, using the DesUme emulator, i was capturing the gameplay with Window Capture, and during my stream with pokemon While, it kept freezing on me, i would get maybe 10 mins of good streaming, until it froze again foring me to restart OBS, only to have the issue occur multiple time again.
OBS will not let me use my gameboy, game boy advance or DS emulator with the Game capture source, i can only capture with Windows capture.
but i feel that the windows capture is the reason for it freezing.
when i open a new source in OBS as game capture, OBS can see that the window for my emulator is open, but when it is selected, it does not show me a preview, this happens with Noca$sh GBA, DesuMe, and Visual Boy Advance
OBS can cleanly see and preview to me, when i use PRoject 64, Dolphin and Citra, as well with bigger games, such as Dead space, Assassins creed, The Witcher...etc

thought my troubleshooting i had pokemon white open, with Desume, while obs was capturing the gameplay, i was not streaming, i just had both program open and running, so i could stream. then OBS froze and showed the preview as if it was stuck. i still had full access to everything, but my camera and gameplay were frozen, i then looked at Desume, it was still runing good, no issues. i jumped back to OBS and it was working again, i didnt do anything.

ive updated everything on my computer, ive made sure that OBS is running with my High performance GPU, as i am on a laptop tha uses 2 GPUs. ive updated my OBS settings to make sure recording, camera and streaming settings were more appropriate. ive updated all my drivers. OBS is opening via Admin.
i saw a post that had a similar issue, they posted their OBS logs and a responce to them was that they had (SE.Live) active. i have reviewed my logs i could not find Se.live in my logs, does not mean they are not there, i just cannot find it

i want to be able to continue streaming without the hiccup this freeze presents to me, i have some projects planned, and i dont want to get interrupted every so often during my streams when OBS decides to freeze everything and boot me off my stream.

Please help.


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on 2/12/23 super bowl sunday
i let OBS run, no streaming and not recording, just captureing game play, all day long. i stepped away for chores, but no freeze occurred. after stepping away for longer, i came back after a few hours and OBS did freeze at some point, i could not adjust anythign on the preview, i had closed the emulator, gave it a few minutes and the prewview in OBS was still frozen. i had to completely restart OBS for it to clear up. i did grab the Logs if anyone could help me figure it out.


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