OBS freezes for a second (in stream) when I select a video in scene


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HI GUYS! i KNOW you are whay better than me in this, maybe you can help me:
Whenever I try to use a new video in a scene while im on the air, the whole obs freezes for 1 second and it shows in the transmition.

Long explanation:

Im using 5 or 6 video sources as full screen (for example a previously recordedgameplay video) and we comment (with camera source in a small window) over it.

But when I try to change to a new video in my computer, for example video 1 to video 2, the OBS freezes.

The exact thing that I do is, open the previously used video source in the scene when its not playing, select from my PC path the new video and click it. When I ACCEPT, thr whole OBS freezes, same thing happens ifI try to rename a source. Im also noticing that the CPU is for a few weeks its working way harder with OBS than before.

I have a pretty powerful PC so i think that it is not the problem, can you help me figure out whats going on? I know it is just 1 second, but its really messy.



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