Question / Help OBS for Mac receives NDI signal from windows laptop but not iOS devices.


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I'm using latest OBS on iMac 5K, 2019 at my church.

When I added NDI input, it shows NDI signal from laptop running windows 10. Both NDI scan converter and PPT NDI worked well.
But when I choose NDI signals from iPad or iPhone using NDI HX Camera/Capture apps, it only received audio not video.
My MacBook receives both video and audio well with same settings.

How can I fix this problem?
Both computers are running on Catalina 10.15.4 and using latest OBS and
installed NDI tools, NDI runtime, OBS NDI, NDI HX drivers.


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I've found that this is not NDI problem.

Actually, OBS doesn't show some contents.
When I add something, it should show red square area.
But OBS only show just one red point.

Same version works well on another mac.

Is this bug?


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I find that sometimes new sources don't appear properly until I toggle on the low bandwidth option, and then toggle it off again.

If OBS shows a source like that, it means it can't add it for some reason-- either the format is unsupported, the volume the source is on can't be reached, or you need to manually resize the source to fit your canvas.