OBS Crashing on Launch since updating to 28.x version


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I usually ignore the prompt to update OBS to the newest version hence why I've found this issue so late after the release of 28.0. I updated OBS roughly 10 days ago having had no crashes leading up to that point since installing a few months back. However in the last 7 days or so my OBS has crashes roughly 9 out of 10 times when first opened.

Weirdly, despite the "OBS has crashed would you like to log a crash report" prompt appearing on my screen if I ignore it OBS appears to still work normally (I was able to change scene's, edit video settings etc.) Once I had selected "Yes" or "No" to the prompt OBS then proceeded to shut down immediately. (Similar to this forum post 2yrs ago here - https://obsproject.com/forum/thread...imise-that-window-obs-still-functions.125034/ )

One thing worth mentioning is I think I have a relatively low/medium spec PC and recently I've found it's gradually performing worse and worse every week. I've been having troubles with my CPU often being at 100% when I have Minecraft/Discord/OBS/Google Chrome running simultaneously for streaming. - So I think it's likely my reason for crashing might be to do with my CPU?

Unfortunately I'm not a 'computer whizz' so not really sure how to deal with this, but these are some of the things I've tried so far.
- Restarting my PC
- Reverting OBS back to the most up-to-date version of 27.0 (however I seem to have the issue on 27.0 now too)

(With the above point in mind I think it's possible that the most recent 28.0 update may not be causing the issue)
- Optimising my Nvidia Control Panel for performance - I followed a YT tutorial for this.

I've attached the most recent "log" file as suggested by the top thread in this forum - and I've also attached the corresponding crash report for that log file.
I've also attached 2 random crash reports from different times as these may help anyone identify the problem.

If you need any more information please let me know, I will monitor this forum over the next 90mins, and then will look back again tomorrow after work (in about 18hours)

I look forward to hearing from any of you lovely people :)


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