OBS-Classic: How to make high quality local recordings

OBS Classic OBS-Classic: How to make high quality local recordings


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I have some problems with my settings for obs, i posted a thread with a help and noothing. Please give me some settings for my pc from the thred, 720p60fps


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The settings of this guide work for any resolution and fps setting, thats the nice thing about it. X264 will just use as much bitrate as it needs to reach the selected quality, so just follow the settings from the first post.


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Is there a NVENC equivalent guide to this? Simliar size files with similar quality. I would love to have my GPU take the work over my CPU. Or should I just let my CPU do the work? (CPU is 2600k stock, GPU is GTX770).


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Hello there! I was playing around with this and I am not sure where a good place I should be at in terms of the settings. My goal was to try and push for 720/60 fps and using the settings r1ch mentioned, I am noticing that my CPU usage is a bit on the high side. Even with Crf=20 (the lowest recommended) I am seeing an average of an 80-90% CPU usage (not sure if this is normal). For kicks and giggles I set my FPS cap back to 30 and it runs at around the 60% usage range. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in the settings? or am I pushing my luck with the rig I have. Below are my specs. Any suggestion would be much appreciated as I am still new to trying "ultimate" recording settings.

CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 3.6GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660

Let me know if you need more info! Thanks!

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Nice guide! I have a question about this and wondering if you guys can help me with the answer. So for the max bitrate under the encoding category, if i set a high max bitrate, does it affect me in anyway? Like, does it make me have better quality, or not? Does it make the file larger or not? Does it cause my video to be glitchy and freeze or not? It'd be nice if someone can answers these. Thank in advance!
- Rice


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Well, following the guide you now should know that you dont need to set a max bitrate unless you can accept that the quality might go down.
But if your question is how these settings and the resulting bitrates affect the cpu usage, then I can say the bigger effect comes from changing resolution / fps or preset.


Only me getting very dull colors when recording using these settings? Black looks really greyish and everything is really dull.

You will most likely notice CRF=10, but I've tried 10 up to 20, no difference.


this shows clearly difference


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I've followed this guide, and for some reason my recording drops a lot of frames. OBS doesn't recognize the dropped frames, but after reviewing the recorded video it will freeze up often. What could I be doing wrong?


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The dropped frames counter in OBS is for streaming purposes and mainly shows frames dropped due to connection problems. For recording the late and duplicate frames counter in your log are more interesting.
In most cases its too high load causing such problems, you could use a lower preset (superfast or even ultrafast) and if that is not enough, you would have to downscale your resolution or lower your fps (60fps -> 30 or 1080p recording -> 720p).
Alternatively, post us a log, maybe best if you start your own thread for it though.


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I'm interested in capturing my old home VHS movies so I bought this and it has been working well. I know the quality won't be the best, but I'd rather not make it any worse. So if I do lossless (crf=0), can I use the resultant file to convert to other, lossy formats (using ffmpeg?)?, keeping the lossless copy as a 'raw' copy that I can use later without having to recapture?


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OBS doesn't work well or at all in lossless mode. Try using a CRF around 10 or so. If you must use a really low CRF, make sure its greater than zero. The capture device and cables will be your quality bottleneck more than the CRF setting when you have it set moderately low, like 10.


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Hi all, I used the settings in the guide and read through the whole thread.

When I load my footage into Premier, the screen is blank/grey. The audio works.

Is this likely because my crf is set to 0? If I set it to somewhere between 1-10 will I see better results?


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I tried this and it seems to work somehow for me

considering i'm recording on a ROG G750JX Gaming Laptop, i say i did great
Is there a NVENC equivalent guide to this? Simliar size files with similar quality. I would love to have my GPU take the work over my CPU. Or should I just let my CPU do the work? (CPU is 2600k stock, GPU is GTX770).

I run a bitrate of 30000 at 1080p/60 and NVENC handles it just fine.


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Hey guys! This thread was very helpful. I was able to increase my video quality exponentially from the basic settings. Thank you sir!


If you use QuickSync, NVenc or AMD VCE as your encoder, these settings will not work.

What settings would you recommend for VCE then?