OBS-Classic: How to make high quality local recordings

OBS Classic OBS-Classic: How to make high quality local recordings


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709 full will have some major color quality issues with a lot of players. Don't use it.

Switch to simple output mode, indistinguishable recording quality, flv format.
And update to 22.0.2

Thanks for the reply!

So should I change color to 709 partial? Not sure what you meant cause you told me not use it, but you didn't say what I should use instead lol

I will definitely update to 22.0.2 but in the meanwhile, simple output mode doesn't seem to let me specify pcm audio during the recording. Also, it doesn't allow me to specify .avi as the container, because videostudio is having issues with mkv (it does support it via haali splitter, but i'm experiencing major hiccups when using it). Moreover, videostudio does not seem to support flv at all, so if irecord to flv I would have to add an extra step in the workflow for remuxing it to mp4 ebfore I can load in videostudio and edit it.

I just want to record my vids being diretcly ready to be used for editing w/ videostudio w/o any extra steps. The final result (for uploading to youtube etc) is done from within videostudio.
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Hello, im pretty new to obs and im having a major problem, my obs preview is on black screen and when i tried recording my Minecraft on game capture its just a green screen. Any help on this one?