Question / Help OBS camera changes permanently modify system camera


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Hi, I've recently installed OBS on my Fedora 31 computer, and I've compiled and installed the obs-v4l2sink plugin as well. This is working fine, however I double clicked on the video source "Video Capture Device" in OBS, and it made my camera very red. These changes automatically persisted even outside of OBS, and now when I make any other changes in there to the Hue, Contrast or whatever else, the changes stay the same, and I am unable to get back to just regular camera colors. I don't even have to save the changes in OBS for them to persist on the system cam, they just auto-apply, and then when I open up settings for the device again, my new base starting point is the auto-saved camera settings.

If anyone knows how I can reset my camera I'd appreciate hearing about it.