Question / Help NVENC function not implemented, but up to date drivers


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Ok, Here's the deal:
I'm using Manjaro Linux with a RTX 2060. I'm using my Distro's latest drivers: 430.64, and CUDA 10.1.

My issue is that when I use either the NVENC or FFMPEG VAAPI encoders, I get the Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. error message.
When I'm using NVENC, the log says: Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implemented.
When I'm using FFMPEG VAAPI, the log says: Failed to create VAAPI device context: Input/output error.

The odd thing is that the the same log file says at the top that both NVENC and FFMPEG VAAPI are supported (I'm most interested in NVENC, but the VAAPI error looked similar enough so I thought I'd include it. Also the x264 encoder works fine, but I'd like to take advantage of my GPU for recording my screen.)

I looked through several Google results, but I haven't found a solution yet. So here I am.
If anyone here knows how to get the gpu encoders working, I would appreciate your help.


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When OBS reports it is supported it means that OBS and FFMPEG support is basically there. It does not mean that your hardware or your local software installation is correct.

1. VAAPI will not work on NVIDIA with the propriatary drivers.
2. For NVENC check your NVIDIA driver install is correct. E.g. some distributions put the encoder and decoder runtime libraries for nvidia into an extra package.

Also try to use the newwest NVIDIA driver. 430 sounds a little old (without having a NVIDIA card).


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I feel like such a noob right now. XD
I was under the assumption that Manjaro, a rolling release distro, would keep my drivers up to date. (430 got updates, but in hindsight, they must have been little security or other patches.) But at your sugestion I desided to check and it turns out the 440 drivers were also available as a separate package.
Anyways I did the swap, and it looks like that solved the issue. I can now use NVENC through obs. Thanks for helping me out, Tuna!