nvenc encoder

  1. D


    I have started to crash every stream at least once with nothing I do differently... sometimes it is when I close Helldivers 2, sometimes when I click over to look at Discord... everything I know that could affect it has been updated. I have also had it crash once with Nvidia Broadcast but...
  2. YOGA47

    is 1650 super enough for p6

    is 1650 super enough for 2nd pc build. Anyone use 1650 super for quality p6 1080p 60, gpu usage ? Or 2060
  3. JoySparx

    Unable to start stream, but able to start recordings (Encoder issue?)

    I recently got a new computer, and I've been setting up everything back to how it was before. Now that I'm all set up, I attempted to start a stream to test it out, and I keep receiving the error "Starting the output failed" as seen below. I've tried analyzing my log file and researching the...
  4. DamD

    No GPU driver available

    H.642 인코딩을 원하지만, 스트리밍을 시작하지 못했습니다. 출력 시작에 실패했습니다. 자세한 내용은 로그를 확인하십시오. 참고: NVENC 또는 AMD 인코더를 사용하는 경우 비디오 드라이버가 최신인지 확인하십시오. PC CPU: amd 라이젠7 3700x GPU: 엔비디아 지포스 RTX 2070 슈퍼 GPU가 있지만 obs 비디오 인코더가 GPU를 인식하지 못합니다. 그래서 드라이버와 obs를 다시 설치했지만 여전히 문제가 지속됩니다. 로그를 분석한 결과 Microsoft Basic Render...
  5. D

    Encoder Crashes with Diablo 4

    Good afternoon, I have been trying to stream Diablo 4 since June 1st and am consistently getting encoder crashes, both with NVENC and x264. I have ensured both OBS, Diablo, and Nvidia drivers are up to date. PC Specs AMD Ryzen 9 5900x RTX 3070 32 Gbs Ram I have no trouble streaming any other...
  6. M

    OBS Nvence custom options

    Hello, tell me how I can implement additional settings of the encoder in nvenc, in order to configure it in more detail, so that there would be an option x264 as in the x264 encoder?
  7. C

    Encoding with an unsupported NVENC Graphics Card

    So my computer has an NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M, and it doesn't have NVENC support for encoding. Is there some kind of software or trick that I can use to allow OBS to use the GPU to encode without using NVENC?
  8. E

    OBS not streaming to Twitch with NVENC

    Hello! Everytime I start streaming in OBS using NVENC I won't be live on Twitch, even though OBS says I'm streaming. However, when I use x264 as my encoder it'll work and I'll be live on Twitch but I'll be super laggy, which is why I wanted to use NVENC. I've tried updating my driver but nothing...
  9. L

    NEVC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream

    Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/FBZ2v-RCw5X0x7DK It seems like I get an encoder error whenever I try to record a game. I'm on windows 11 and the OBS beta branch, I downloaded OBS through steam. Full Error: Settings:
  10. lorentedford

    Windows 11 Consistent Crashing.. Even when not recording.

    System Details CPU= 12th Gen Intel Core i7 - 12700F Memory= 64 Gb 3200 Mhz DDR4 GPU= Nvidia RTX 3070 Motherboard= MSI MAG B660M MORTAR WIFI DDR4 LGA 1700 Intel B660 SATA 6Gb/s Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Main Monitor= PG259QNR ROG Swift 360hz See attached for system logs but no crash was ever...
  11. V

    Way less FPS with NVENC encoder

    Hey everyone. So i've been using OBS Studio for a while now to stream and it works pretty well overall... But theres one problem. Using the NVENC H.264 encoder i've around 40 to 50 fps less in the games i stream... I've attached screenshots of my OBS settings! Im running OBS as an admin. I was...
  12. AssaultOPS

    OBS Studio not recording anymore after new update

    I love OBS studio, and I have been using it for the past few years and everything was working perfectly. Few weeks ago, I got a pop-up window saying that I might want to update OBS. I usually ignore these kinds of messages because I don't like updating software too frequently. But today, I don't...
  13. Mygod

    Massively reduced performance after updating to OBS 28.1

    I've been using OBS 28.0.3 with simple max quality and it has been working mostly fine. After updating to 28.1.1, however, I am seeing massive frame drops (shoots up to 77% from ~1%) for migrated preset P6. However, frame drops are there even if I am just recording a black screen, and frame...
  14. T

    An Enoder error is occuring when I'm streaming that I can't nail down.

    I'm streaming with OBS and occassionally a couple hours into stream my stream will freeze up without crashing but will close out the stream. A prompt box pops up that says the following. How can I fix this error. There is no crash log as OBS did not crash and I'm scratching my head as I've used...
  15. MarkoKdeleron

    Nvenc encoding overloaded.

    I keep getting encoding overloaded. My specs: RTX 2080 ti. Intel core i9-9900k
  16. L

    I need help Geforce 940MX GDDR5 Enable Nvenc

    English I want to ask you how to activate nvenc but only that it can be previewed in settings> output> advanced since my graph I already know that it cannot use nvenc but I would like to see it I have seen that modifying the file obs-studio / plugins / obs-ffmpeg / obs-ffmpeg.c On the line 44...
  17. T

    "Failed to start output. It's possible that encoder doesn't start." Error on youtube RTMP

    Hi guys, I get the above error when using multiple RTMPs to stream a webinar. This appears to only be for youtube RTMPs and appears fix if I switch back to using x264 encoder instead of "NVIDIA NVENC h.264 (New)". Again the error only applies to youtube - I output to several facebook RTMPs, and...
  18. T

    OBS will say "Encoding overloaded!

    Hello guys, i am a streamer of PUBG in facebook gaming and that is my config Ryzen 5 5600x Galax 2060Super 16gb ddr4 i receive this message "Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset", in these moments I see my live on my cell phone and see...
  19. P


    Hello dear forum, I am not able to get my NVENC running. Maybe someone had the same issue and could provide a solution. Every time I try to start recording or streaming with Nvidia NVENC H.264 (new), I'll get attached error message. In logfile OBS Studio first says: "NVENC supported", then...
  20. T

    Nvidia graphics card keeps crashing stream!

    OBS uses about 40%-60% of my GPU, even after making some changes from 2k to FHD canvas, having 1 display source per scene, going from NVENC to h.264. My graphics card keeps crashing and with NVENC as encoder it stops my stream, so I have to restart my stream every time. I am outta ideas and...