Free NohBoard v1.2.2


You must use the "Window Capture" with a "Chroma Key" filter.

Here's screen shots of the Properties and Filters I use:



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ive enabled chroma key and i am using windows capture it still wouldnt work i think this issue has been around for about a year or so.


Hey Noah, does the new scripting language options introduced in the last year offer anything tantalizing for this service? like i'm still using the older program, and i don't like that the secondary window sometimes locks up.

might this allow you to skip the window and put something more low-key and less buggy in? or improve things like adding a digital recording that can be overlayed directly into a video editor later or something?


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Hello , @ThoNohT and @joao7yt . i am Yalcin Yada, the reason I contacted you is your Noahboard Project. I'm an arcade player and I love to use Noahboard. But the ARcade stick simulations are not available with the keyboard, which I see as a shortcoming. Based on this problem, I did some research and managed to add Arcade Stick simulations to Noahboard. So I edited the pictures in the images folder on the Noahboard and managed to simulate 7 arcade sticks. These ; 1 - ARcade MAME Stick: 2 - Hitbox Simulation: 3 - Playstation Joypad: 4 - Nintendo Joypad: 5 - Sega Joypad: 6 - XboX JoyPad 7 - MixBox Simulation ; I added these simulations and it works fine. You can add these simulations to your work. Many of your users should like you to add Arcade Stick Simulations like me. all can be controlled by keyboard only. Of course, I have no expectations. I'm waiting for your answer

Example Video 1 ;
2 -


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Sorry if this is already a thing or not. But I would love to see the ability for a button to show as highlighted based on more customizable conditionals.

Use-case scenario: As a surfer I have crouch bound to both left shift and left control so that I don't have issues accidentally fumbling keys, I would like to have just one single button highlight for duck, when I press one or the other.

I also think it'd be nice if I could bind a mouse wheel trigger for the buttons as many surfers and bhoppers will have jump bound to a mousewheel scroll event. I haven't personally gone in and looked at the codebase but perhaps I will check it out relatively soon and see if I'd be able to make a pull request and contribute.

Love the application so far!


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one thing i have noticed with NohBoard is when i try to use it for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), it stops showing the mouse as soon as a match loads