Free NohBoard v1.3.0

- Fixed outline width always being reset to 1.
- Fix mouse speed indicator style changes not applying.
- Disabled mouse/keyboard hooking if there are no keys of this type on the keyboard.

- Only show the main window in the taskbar.
- Allow changing the title of the NohBoard window.
- Add key codes for Scroll Lock / Num Lock / Caps Lock current state.
- Add a warning message about outlines of loose keys showing underneath pressed keys.
- Added the option to show keys for longer than they are pressed.
- Made the update interval for rendering configurable via NohBoard.json.

- Dvorak, Coleman, Workman and custom keyboard layouts by JapanYoshi.
- StarCraft 2 TheCore keyboard layout by dchitra.
  • Fix background color not updating.
  • Add quake keyboards by flyingmongoose.
  • New icon. (joao7yt)
  • Added a dialog for easier rectangle boundary creation for editing elements. (Buttercak3)
  • Enter keycodes by detecting key presses. (Buttercak3)
  • Added an update button for boundaries. (Buttercak3)
  • Allowed styles to define a download url for fonts that may not be on the user's pc.
  • Added a center button for the text position in a key. (Buttercak3)
  • Editing an element via Element Propertie doesn't push undo history.
  • Fix the title of the Keyboard Key Properties form.
  • Cycling through elements doesn't work.
  • Crashing on windows form snapping, due to a point being in multiple screens at the same time?
  • Add line breaks on long tooltips in settings.
New Keyboard Layouts:
  • Updated joao7yt's styles to use his custom font, which can now be downloaded.
  • Alienware keyboard (wheels)
- Cycle selection through elements on top of each other when clicking
multiple times.
- Check duplicate element ids when loading keyboard.
- NohBoard disappears when closing while minimzed. (Buttercak3)
- Boundaries could not be moved down in the list. (Buttercak3)
- Key definition is reset after clicking anywhere in NohBoard. (Buttercak3)
- Removing boundaries when less than 3 were left via the properties. (Buttercak3)
- Keyboard style reverts to default when opening the load keyboard form. (Buttercak3)
- Missing icon.
New keyboard layouts:
- Environmnental Station Alpha by SirDifferential.
- Fixed a crash when a style window is opened which has no initial style.
  • You can now edit your own keyboards from within NohBoard (see the documentation for more info).
  • Extra options for showing keys all capitalized or lower-case while following the shift key.
This was done in a previous hotfix, but never included in the main code.
  • Add version check
  • Weird mouse speed indicator movement in some games
  • Multiple key-codes for a single key
  • Background image
  • Images related to category folder, rather than keyboard/style folder.
  • Added support for key specific styles.
  • Added support for images on key backgrounds.
This is the second release of the rewrite of NohBoard. It might still lack some functionality, so it is perfectly fine if you still wish to use the original NohBoard. You can find it with the earlier updates. However, this version has now had some initial testing by at least one user, and turns out to work (perhaps even better than the original). Therefore I have decided to make an actual release of it here.

Everyone who can test this is appreciated. If I can get a lot of testing happening, I have plans to make big improvements to this in the future.