New computer keeps crashing while using OBS


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Hey all! This may be wordier than necessary, but I want to give as much context as possible to help out those who try to help me. Earlier this year I bought a brand new PC from iBuyPower. I bought it with the sole intentions of streaming and recording on it. However, I could never record successfully the way I want to. Here's why.

Each time I attempt to binge a game and record (several hours at a time), my entire computer crashes unexpectedly. Everything freezes but my cursor for a few minutes, and then the PC just turns off and restarts. No BSOD is given. To avoid this, I try to record for about an hour at a time now and then stop recording. Then I start up again and essentially just record clips of anywhere from 45 minutes to just under an hour. This works to mixed results. Sometimes I can get through a full 5 hour video like this, other times it'll crash midway into my third of fourth clip. This issue also never occurred during live streaming. I stream for hours at a time, usually 2 hour sessions but I've done up to about 7 hours I believe. I've never had issues (until randomly today which I'll get into in a minute).

In all of these crashes, I have just 1 crash log to go off of. Perhaps because the entire system crashes, OBS doesn't have time to create a log? Idk, obviously I'm a novice so please don't crucify me if I sound like an idiot haha. I checked for logs a while back and found none, so I assumed there never would be a log for these types of incidents. Tonight, however, I discovered this one. I have attached said log to this thread in case it may help. It's from back in August. I didn't even know a crash log was created and so I obviously can't recall what actually happened when it did, but I hope/imagine it shows a snapshot of what I'm describing here. I can't recall OBS ever crashing in any incidents not similar to what I'm describing.

That brings me to today. Today around the 2 hour mark of my live stream, which mind you is usually about when I sign off anyway, my PC just crashed exactly how it does when recording (as aforementioned). This is the first time this has ever happened during a live stream which concerns me obviously. The only change made today was some new hardware which I suspect may have been partially to blame. Keep in mind that I'm pretty much strictly a console gamer, so I don't record my screen or gameplay other than that. I have not tested what would happen if I recorded or streamed using a method other than the video capture devices I will describe below.

To capture console gameplay and my webcam footage, I use external capture card devices. In the past I used a Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition for gameplay and my webcam used an old SD Dazzle DVC100 because that's what I had laying around. It suited my needs, despite OBS crashing during recording. Today I streamed for the first time with a slightly different configuration. The Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition has been demoted to capturing my webcam footage (largely due to inconsistent video quality during recordings and streams) and I installed a new AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini for gameplay capture. The SD Dazzle has been retired at long last. I recorded a short 30 minute video with this configuration, but I have not tried for a longer recording. Just streaming as of now.

Anyone ever experience something weird like this and/or know my issue?



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Please send a Nomal OBs log for looking for the config and used hardware

start obs as admin

first update to newest OBS !
Update all driver Sound Driver, Gracard Driver Chipset Driver
Update windows to newest version
check your HDD/SDD is it okay Filsystem and S.m.M.a.R.T
check your ram
check your Temps on GPU and CPU

little hack i had crashes on my intel I9900k with asus Prime board after a windows update i had looked install windows new.
after a bios update it runs fine again.

look that you didnt have more than one Video Capture device on one USB root HUB
use this tool to check it