"New" camera every time I reconnect my CamLink 4K. Why?

MacBook Pro, OS 10.15.7. Running a Sony ZV-1 through an Atomos Ninja V recorder, to an ElGato CamLink 4:

Not really an OBS issue per se, but:
Almost every time I reconnect my CamLink 4k the OS seems to see it as a "new" camera: "CamLink (4)", or "CamLink (5)", etc., rather than seeing it as the same device I've used before.

So, in my OBS scene, I have to replace the "absent" Camlink 4 source with the "new" Camlink 5. Not the end of the world, but disconcerting.

Another odd thing: I find the CamLink often isn't seen until I select it in Facetime. So, if, for example, I launch Quicktime and select the CamLink, I get a black screen, but if I go to Facetime, select the Camlink, and return to Quicktime, the CamLink functions.

Any idea how to fix these issues?


Ya, I get that too. Same with my Elgato HD60 S+

I never have to choose Facetime. I just choose a "new" Camlink or HD60S+ (appended with a new #) and all is well.

Happens every week, so probably 100+ times that I've livestreamed or tested since we've began livestreaming in March.

And the camera/elgatos have never failed, so I don't know what to tell you but it always seems to work fine.


Ya, it's frustrating. I'm trying to get assistance once in awhile, but people always have to call me and say, "Where's the camera"...and I have to walk them through re-acquiring the signal.