face camera

  1. norihiro

    Face Tracker 0.7.2

    This plugin provide a filter for face detection and face tracking for mainly a speaking person. Major applications are a sermon at a church, a presentation at a conference or company's meeting but not limited. This plugin employs a library called dlib to detect a face and track it. The frame of...
  2. Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

    "New" camera every time I reconnect my CamLink 4K. Why?

    MacBook Pro, OS 10.15.7. Running a Sony ZV-1 through an Atomos Ninja V recorder, to an ElGato CamLink 4: Not really an OBS issue per se, but: Almost every time I reconnect my CamLink 4k the OS seems to see it as a "new" camera: "CamLink (4)", or "CamLink (5)", etc., rather than seeing it as...
  3. Q

    Question / Help Logitech face camera quality bad

    Hello! I've been testing SEVERAL settings with my Logitech Stream Pro camera, but the quality always seems poor! My canvas is 1280 x 720p @ 60 FPS. I record through a capture card, and that looks good! I'm not sure what a good setting/resolution would be to get my camera quality to look better...