1. MaPitelli

    H265 video file recorded with OBS won't play in QT and Finder

    Hi, I'm trying to record videos in OBS using the custom output, mov format, hevc_videotoolbox encoder and I can reproduce the files from Google Drive, VLC or Davinci for example, but I can't reproduce them using Finder or QuickTime. Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it so I can...
  2. M

    OBS can’t stream/record any audio from Quicktime Movie recording

    Hi guys, I used Quicktime (movie recording mode without recording) for mirroring my mobile game for streaming, I can hear it normally from quicktime app but OBS seem not detecting any audio (shown just a picture). The audio drop-down list has just these 3 items “default, external microphone...
  3. Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

    "New" camera every time I reconnect my CamLink 4K. Why?

    MacBook Pro, OS 10.15.7. Running a Sony ZV-1 through an Atomos Ninja V recorder, to an ElGato CamLink 4: Not really an OBS issue per se, but: Almost every time I reconnect my CamLink 4k the OS seems to see it as a "new" camera: "CamLink (4)", or "CamLink (5)", etc., rather than seeing it as...
  4. C

    MP4 and MOV files will not save after editing.

    I've been using my Macbook to record some online classes I'm teaching. After I finish recording I open the file in Quicktime to trim the start and finish, however it then refuses to save just saying 'The operation could not be completed'. I have tried with MP4 and Mov but get the same reaction...
  5. S

    Question / Help OBS Makes Game FPS drop Significantly after 1 min of recording

    So I thought it was my computer. But, OBS is making minecraft frames drop dramatically. I tried the quicktime screen recorder on mac and the FPS did not drop 1 frame. I'd like to record in OBS but Ive tried so much and its still lagging. Im using an app that makes my mac screen resolution...
  6. B

    Question / Help Multiple IPads on OBS

    Hello, I don't have the capability to test this out right now but I was wondering if it is possible to use multiple instances of the quicktime screen record usage for more than one ipad at a time. This is what I am talking about: connect Ipads to your Mac via the Lightning cable. Then open...