My Elgato stream Deck stopped working since the 29.1.1 OBS update


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My stream deck was working fine until I updated my OBS Studio to the newest version.

I tried to get back to the 29.0.2 and 29.1.0 updates, but it didn't solve the problem. I say the OBS Studio plug-in is in 5.0.0 version and the stream deck plug in version is [not connected].It does not send any loading error message however (check the screen shot I added)

I then tried to uninstall the stream deck App and OBS Studio completely from my PC then install OBS back and then the Stream Deck App as mentioned in one of your articles but didn't solve it either.

Lastly, I tried to move files from the C:\ProgramData\obs-studio\plugins\StreamDeckPlugin folder directly into my OBS studio folder, I worked for a day and went back not working again the next day.

All the other features work such as sending messages on my twitch chat, macros or the timer. It's only the OBS features that stopped working. The Stream Deck App version is the newest available ( and I'm on the Win 11 latest version.

I contacted the elgato support but they couldn't help me for now :(

Any one know how to solve the issue ?



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The new 29.1.3 version of OBS seems to have solved the issue, my Stream Deck works again.

Hope it'll stay like this forever ^^'