1. r4v3_b0yy

    Severe recording/streaming lags

    Hello. I am facing the problem of severe lags when recording\stream, my hardware is not the weakest, but obs VERY bad lags, and gives 2fps even on the record. I do not know what the problem is, after version 27.2.4 - OBS started to lag VERY badly, although I do not use any plugins or add-ons...
  2. FIR3W0LF__

    My Elgato stream Deck stopped working since the 29.1.1 OBS update

    Hello, My stream deck was working fine until I updated my OBS Studio to the newest version. I tried to get back to the 29.0.2 and 29.1.0 updates, but it didn't solve the problem. I say the OBS Studio plug-in is in 5.0.0 version and the stream deck plug in version is [not connected].It does not...