my camera crashes as soon as I turn on the stream


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I was streaming with all of that but after I switched windows I start giving it to the webcam.
deactivate the dvr deactivated the norton moved the munitors to 60 and I think I install this coreaudio aac and even unpacked the obs and installed it again and it continues the same thing
do not use extender for the webcam wire

and now your new tweaks

18:07:06.267: Game DVR: On
disable windows Game DVR

18:07:06.272: Norton 360: enabled (AV)
18:07:06.273: Norton 360: enabled (FW)
Disable it or my tip use windows Defender its do the same job

output 0: pos={0, 0}, size={1920, 1080}, attached=true, refresh=75, name=2260WG5
18:07:06.792: output 1: pos={1920, 0}, size={1280, 720}, attached=true, refresh=75, name=L177W
set your display Refresh rates to 60hz

18:07:07.717: [CoreAudio encoder]: CoreAudio AAC encoder not installed on the system or couldn't be loaded

and set the webcam to default settings in OBS

Did you use a longer USB Cable ? or a usb hub ?
Download this and open the complete tree an make a screenshot


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I think I did it
I just changed the USB port and so far it doesn't stop, but if the problem comes back I write here again. thank you very much for your attention