My 3 Hour Long Video Only Has 58 Minutes Of Footage Saved, How Can I get It Back?

Hello, exactly as the tittle says, I was recording a TTRPG session with one of my friends, in order to post it on yotube, however out of our nearly 3 hour long video, only 1 hour of it got recorded.

Is it passible to recover the last 2 hours? And how do I stop this problem from happening again?

Thank you in advanced, Dan.


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You severely overloaded your computer. At one point OBS just choked over too much data and stopped encoding.
Your machine is below minimum system specs for the desired video resolution and fps.

To avoid this happening again, you should choose someone with a more powerful PC/Laptop. You can also try to reduce resolution and fps with this machine to lower the performance requirement, for example resolution 682x384 and 15 or 20 fps, but I doubt you will be happy with the result.