Minecraft With Optifine Crashes When Trying to use OBS


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So a couple months ago, I tried using the obs replay buffer. It worked fine, and I could record as well. But now, whenever I start replay buffer or start recording, Optifine Minecraft will crash a few seconds later. Vanilla Minecraft doesn't have any problems however. I tried using Nvidia's instant replay and recording and it worked fine with Optifine, but I would like to use OBS instead. The same problem also occurs with Streamlabs OBS. I have also seen youtubers who use OBS to record Minecraft with Optifine, and it worked for them.

I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 and intel i7


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please OBS and CRASHLOG

I analyzed it and turned off hardware accelerated GPU scheduling and background recording, which it said might be causing problems. However, the game crashed when I tabbed out of Minecraft this time.


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Unfortunately IIRC Optifine uses a shader injection process hook, which inherently causes things to be unstable along with the OBS Game Capture hook. You can try swapping to Display Capture as a workaround, which comes with its own down sides and may not work correctly. This is normally not recommended as Display Capture is the least-performant capture method, and can cause performance issues in OBS (especially if it is in the same scene as a Game Capture or Window Capture).

If you have a capture card, this may be one of the very few edge-cases where using it to record the same system OBS is running on could be warranted, to avoid the issues that Display Capture can cause.