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Microphone DSP plugin 1.1


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i'm having issue with the plugin.

first for other who don't understand (like me)
-dowload the plugin, get in the folder and choose either the x86 or the x64 depending of your system (64 or 32 bit)
-then put the plugin in the folder PLUGIN of OBS, not the whole folder, it wont be detected.
-if the plugin is detected you will find it in OBS once you press the PLUGIN button under MICROPHONE DSP PLUGIN

ok now the problem.

since i put the plugin in the folder i can't have any sound with my mic.

i usualy use my webcam mic, a logitech c930e, or my headset mic a tiamat 7.1
but since i put the plugin, when i am in the obs windows the sound preview is actually the mic preview, when i talk i see level going up, but the mic is at zero.

and when i reccord, i get no sound at all, i though it was just a preview but no,

can you help me ?
I'm having the same problem.

Afgan Rasulov

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I tried to use the plugin on OBS 0.655 x64 version and it crushed every time I trie to Preview. The Crash Dumps file are zipped and uploaded with this information. I hope it will be uptaded.


  • crashDumps for OBS 0.655
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Does this plugin not work with multiplatform? There are no instructions for installing, so I dropped the x86 dll into 32bit plugin directory, and the x64 dll into the 64bit directory. The OBS logs show this:

21:14:11.995: LoadLibrary failed for '../../obs-plugins/64bit/OBS_mic_dsp-1.1-x64.dll', error: 126
21:14:11.995: Module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/OBS_mic_dsp-1.1-x64.dll' not found

Either this plugin doesn't work on multiplatform edition, or I am doing something wrong. Please help! :)


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Alright, I installed the original OBS. Surprisingly, so much better for many features, just more clicking to set everything up. Just a note, the 64 bit DLL does not work on latest 64 bit OBS. I had to use 32 bit OBS + 32 bit DLL to get the plugin to load.

Afgan Rasulov

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Buy a Focusrite Solo Sound card and a XLR microphone and Boom!! your sound problem solved. I saw that this plugin is useless and have to be improved a lot to be stable. You should definitely listen the podcast in this given link. It helped me a lot to get knowledge to improve my sound. You can see the sound performance on my YouTube channel link.


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I have a serious problem with the plugin, put it where indicated, but when recording, my micro is not heard nothing but distortion and little else, someone can help me, that is not what happens, I just did today but I can not function as it should.


Not sure how this works, and the mic volume isint shown under the mic volume thing, but instead under all the other audio (desktop source), but I can say, my cheap gear is now more like pro $ gear in terms of static noise. Very low but sometimes boosts for some short moment for some reason. Awesome job!

Raven Hexx

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Is there any way to modify this plug in. It works with my obs, however it works a 'little too well' and my voice becomes distorted. I was just wondering if there is any way to reduce the amount of noise reduction or hard limiting within the plugin to enable a more natural sound without the underwater feel?


We need way better plugins, that can keep up with VST plugins - only then (and with good driver integration!) we will get something useful. Right now thats just a simple gain + limiter with hard settings, causing way more problems than solving...


Works pretty good, but I noticed it boosts the mic and then un-boosts it randomly making the background noise go really high. Not sure what is causing it, other than that it improved my mic audio, but with this random boosting, it makes my voice clip as well. I dont get a normal level of volume. Sometimes its too high or too low. Wish there were controls for fine-tuning things! :(

Eric Stork

Installed the 64 bit version, I had to install it into 2 different locations, one in \Program Files\OBS\plugins, the other in \Program Files (x86)\OBS\plugins. I only put in the 64 bit files as that is the one I use.

It actually works but makes a couple of odd changes.

First when OBS is open and I am Previewing or Recording, the Mic sounds making the moving green bar are shown on the Speaker bar, not the Mic bar.
Second under the Noise Gate Setting, if I click Enable Preview, the moving green bar used to determine the levels does not show.

It is not perfect, there is still a very small amount of background noise shown when no sound happens but still much better than before.
Would be great if this was available for Studio.


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I'm interested in the AGC and AEC feats of this plugin, I'm not positive if this is already built into OBS Studio, my guess is not since I could not find those options anyware, the gain control and echo cancellation.

Is there any chance to update this plugin for the new OBS Studio?