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Microphone DSP plugin 1.1


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Yo made man an account just to say thank you I installed this plug in and it fixed all of my audio problems from my mic. Your the man!


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First of all, thank you for working towards the community.
Now my question:

I´ve noticed, since i started using this plugin, that i get an high pitch noise on the streams/recordings.
I don´t know if i missed any config or something.
Do we need to disable Noise Gate in order to use this properly?

Small sample of the problem:
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First of all, thank you for working towards the community.
Now my question:

I´ve noticed, since i started using this plugin, that i get an high pitch noise on the streams/recordings.
I don´t know if i missed any config or something.
Do we need to disable Noise Gate in order to use this properly?

Small sample of the problem:
Just curious, if you change the sampling rate of your microphone in Windows sound control panel (under the advanced tab of the device's properties window) is there any effect?

Right now noise gate is completely bypassed because it's an audio filter added to the real microphone audio source in OBS. I wrote some code that steals the filter from the real source and moves it to the DSP source but I never tested it. I'll maybe make a new build in a few days when I get back from vacation that will enable compatibility with noise gate.


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Awesome plugin, makes all the background noise disappear!

But I have some problems with it, It makes my mic sound to mumbled/low bitrate.
Is there a way to make the audio sound more clear/higher bitrate?

Hope for a fix/work around to this as soon as possible.
Would love nothing more then to use this plugin!


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Hey, so I love the plugin, but I hit a problem with it last night when I tried to play some music in the background at a low volume while streaming (via Spotify): when there's no music playing, my voice is totally clear and great, but as soon as Spotify starts a track (even at like 15% volume), my voice gets incredibly distorted and it's difficult to understand me. Even when I reduce volume there's no huge improvement.

Any thoughts on how I can tweak it? I think DSP might be thinking that the music coming from Spotify is the "primary" source and it's trying to filter out my voice, coming through the microphone, since it assumes it's background noise.

Here's a video of the issue:


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Hi there,

I just found out that your plugin isn't compatible with the DirectshowAudioInput Plugin:
As soon as I switch to a scene utilizing the AudioInput Plugin, OBS crashes.

Here is the Logfile:

OBS has encountered an unhandled exception and has terminated. If you are able to
reproduce this crash, please submit this crash report on the forums at - include the contents of this crash log and the
minidump .dmp file (if available) as well as your regular OBS log files and
a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash.

This crash appears to have occured in the 'c:\program files\obs\plugins\obs_mic_dsp-1.1-x64.dll' module.

Fault address: 00007FFFC2F22E85 (c:\program files\obs\plugins\obs_mic_dsp-1.1-x64.dll)
OBS version: Open Broadcaster Software v0.64b
Windows version: 6.2 (Build 9200)
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor            

Crashing thread stack trace:
Stack            EIP              Arg0             Arg1             Arg2             Arg3             Address
000000AE0F90E9D0 00007FFFC2F22E85 0000000000000006 000000AE0FAFDCB0 000000AE0FAFDCB0 00007FFFD3772470 obs_mic_dsp-1.1-x64.dll!0x7fffc2f22e85
000000AE0F90EA00 00007FF6EDE6FEE4 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 000000AE00000CB4 0000000000000BB8 obs.exe!OBS::ReportStartStreamTrigger+0x44
000000AE0F90EA30 00007FF6EDE6D454 000000AE0F90ED70 000000000006146C 0000000000230968 0000000000001397 obs.exe!OBS::Start+0x1b84
000000AE0F90EC70 00007FF6EDE9B759 0000000003015FFE 00007FFFD995F033 00000000000000F3 000000000006146C obs.exe!OBS::OBSProc+0xce9
000000AE0F90EEC0 00007FFFD78D250D 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000230968 00007FFFD78D2532 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d250d
000000AE0F90EF90 00007FFFD78D3B02 00007FFFD99D0D00 0000000000000000 000000AE0F90F0A8 0000000000000001 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d3b02
000000AE0F90EFF0 00007FFFD78D3BCE 0000000000000000 0000000080000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d3bce
000000AE0F90F050 00007FFFD99D2C44 00007FFFD78D56FD 00007FFFD99D0D00 0000000000000000 000000AE0F90F198 ntdll.dll!0x7fffd99d2c44
000000AE0F90F0D8 00007FFFD78D102A 00007FFFD99D0D00 0000000000000000 000000AE0F90F198 00007FFF00000001 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d102a
000000AE0F90F0E0 00007FFFD78D56FD 00007FFF00061400 0000000000000000 0000000000001397 000000AE102D85E0 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d56fd
000000AE0F90F170 00007FFFD78D5823 000000AE0FACC2D0 0000000054010001 0000000000000001 0000000000000000 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d5823
000000AE0F90F1D0 00007FFFD37B37F9 0000000000000202 000000AE0F90F310 000000AE0FACC2D0 00007FFFD99D2C44 comctl32.dll!0x7fffd37b37f9
000000AE0F90F210 00007FFFD37B37D4 0000000000000006 000000AE0F90F4B0 00007FFFD9901350 0000000000000001 comctl32.dll!0x7fffd37b37d4
000000AE0F90F360 00007FFFD78D250D 000000AE102DF420 000000AE0F90F648 000000000006146C 00007FFFD78F50DB user32.dll!0x7fffd78d250d
000000AE0F90F430 00007FFFD78D2367 000000AE0FAFD050 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 000000AE0FAFD050 user32.dll!0x7fffd78d2367
000000AE0F90F4B0 00007FFFD78E8316 0000000005180C7B 000000AE0F90F610 000000AE0FAFD050 000000AE0FAFD050 user32.dll!0x7fffd78e8316
000000AE0F90F510 00007FF6EDE5C739 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 00007FF6EDE30000 0000000000000000 obs.exe!WinMain+0xa59
000000AE0F90FAC0 00007FF6EDEDD660 0000000000000000 00007FF6EDEDD504 00007FF6ED306000 0000000000000000 obs.exe!__tmainCRTStartup+0x148
000000AE0F90FB00 00007FFFD76013D2 00007FFFD76013B0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 kernel32.dll!0x7fffd76013d2
000000AE0F90FB30 00007FFFD99AEB64 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 ntdll.dll!0x7fffd99aeb64

A minidump was saved to C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\OBS\crashDumps\OBSCrashDump2015-02-21_3.dmp.
Please include this file when posting a crash report.

List of loaded modules:
Base Address                      Module

I also attached the CrashDump..


    285.2 KB · Views: 137


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Works great (32-bit). I have a really really old microphone, back from 2000. Mic works well enough.
Problem I have is just normal background noise caused by my computer fans, which is very loud / notable without any filters.

Normally I would run Adobe Audition and do some DPS effects, but that puts a strain on my CPU. Running multiple programs just for the sake of a microphone filter puts a toll on my rig, and just won't work right with streaming. I recently get audio delays that I don't care to fix.

This solves all of that without the added CPU strain.
Thanks man!

Hopefully there can be more features and configuration later, but for now it works.

Edit: Would like to see a filter configuration to basically mute all noise thats below a certain dB level, and cap all volume to a certain dB level. Basically a floor and a ceiling. A slider.

For my example lets say nothing below -45dB gets through and nothing above -13dB. So we don't accidentally hurt the ears of anyone listening.
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Ok I'm probably dumb, but I can't get the plugin working (first time installing one), could you help me?

EDIT: Yep, I was just dumb, fixed.
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I am using 32-bit and with this plugin installed it combines my microphone and desktop audio into the same channel on OBS. I'm also using a capture card device with audio into it that is being passed through in OBS to my desktop.


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i'm having issue with the plugin.

first for other who don't understand (like me)
-dowload the plugin, get in the folder and choose either the x86 or the x64 depending of your system (64 or 32 bit)
-then put the plugin in the folder PLUGIN of OBS, not the whole folder, it wont be detected.
-if the plugin is detected you will find it in OBS once you press the PLUGIN button under MICROPHONE DSP PLUGIN

ok now the problem.

since i put the plugin in the folder i can't have any sound with my mic.

i usualy use my webcam mic, a logitech c930e, or my headset mic a tiamat 7.1
but since i put the plugin, when i am in the obs windows the sound preview is actually the mic preview, when i talk i see level going up, but the mic is at zero.

and when i reccord, i get no sound at all, i though it was just a preview but no,

can you help me ?


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hey i have installed the plugin correctly.i can see it in the list of plugins i got but now my mic doesnt work at all.atleast when i press preview or local recording.pretty sure it wont work on stream aswell.any ideas? im using plantronics gamecom 780 headset.the usb one

upd: made it to work.Now after i tried it in obs. i want it for whole windows mic system pls so i can have same quality in teamspeak,skype,raidcall and other voice chats. pls pls pls :)
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Thank You for this fantastic resource. Before using this, I did a lot of tinkering with both OBS settings, and the system sound driver's app for mic control. This, by-far, has given me the best sound quality for my basic gear.