Mic does not pick up certain sound as I speak

Downloaded the OBS software not long ago. Watched some videos about how to configure your first OBS experience and begin recording. Seemed like the person with the guide had no problems at all with the sound quality and sound overall.
Tried to record a video of me just talking and testing out certain features such as Noise Suppression, Noise Gate, and Gain; realizing, that the mic cuts out during my voice recording and certain letters are just ignored.
I've spent couple days researching websites, forums and threads about this problem and watching almost every video about noise problems and how to fix them... But no luck.

I also have a mp4 video of me showing all my configurations on the OBS studio, but for some reason, I cannot post this here...

Log file if helps:

Additionally, what is this
15:45:34.616: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] cannot capture ApplicationFrameHost.exe due to being blacklisted
15:45:37.632: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] attempting to hook fullscreen process: ApplicationFrameHost.exe
Is it appearing because no game is being run at the moment? And why is it blacklisted?

Thanks for all the future help, and I hope I am not the only one with this problem :)


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