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    Microphone sensitivity control

    Greetings to all of you guys :) I'm here for advice. My microphone is disgustingly sensitive!!! What filter to add in OBS and how to set it, if necessary, so that the clicking of the mechanical keyboard and similar sounds are not heard? Thank you PS: At first I thought it would be "Noise Gate"...
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    Sensitivity changes ingame(Minecraft)

    Always when i am starting Minecraft and i have OBS running the sensitivity is weird its like always changing the mouse speed. Does anyone has a solution or a idea how to solve it? The log file is attached...
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    Mic does not pick up certain sound as I speak

    Downloaded the OBS software not long ago. Watched some videos about how to configure your first OBS experience and begin recording. Seemed like the person with the guide had no problems at all with the sound quality and sound overall. Tried to record a video of me just talking and testing out...