Question / Help Low CPU and FPS when streaming?


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I'm new to streaming so forgive me if this is a very obvious question. I've been livestreaming services for a church using an Elgato HD 60S+ HDMI capture card, and for some reason OBS is showing very low CPU usage and around 20-ish FPS when streaming, even when I have set it to stream 30FPS in settings, as that's what the camera is set to produce. The stream is *fine* - it's not totally jarring, but it does have that "missing frames" feel where things look a little laggy. The internet connection is always in the green, and it's wired ethernet. On concluding the stream it says 0 dropped frames, and consistent bitrate throughout, but I'm just wondering why it keeps indicating such a low FPS in the program and whether that could be causing the "laggy" look. Is it taxing my GPU too much, and if so how do you go about trying to fix that? I'm not recording either, just streaming.

Again sorry if these are dumb questions - I just can't seem to find a good answer for why this is the case.

Here's the log file from my most recent stream: