Question / Help Looking for a way to record Audio only (Using Muxer settings maybe?)


New Member
Hi! I've been looking for a way to do this for quite a while.

The output panel has settings that allow us to record video and multi-track audio using the mkv encapsulation. This is great, and I love it! However, a nice addition would be the ability to record only the audio tracks and disable the video portion, therefore hitting our performance less, and using up less storage space.

This would be great for streamers looking for a way to fix downloaded VODs that have audio disabled in parts. Allowing them to be used for social media, stream highlights, and for people interested in re-uploading VODs elsewhere but without the "music" track for example.

Does anyone understand the custom muxer settings well enough to know if this is possible via some unknown-to-me muxer settings already, or if there is any other neat workaround I may have overlooked?

Thanks for any insight :)