1. U

    Hide cursor on macOS

    Hello, I'm using OBS on macOS 12.6.8 to record material for a game trailer, and I have the following issue: The cursor is shown in my display capture source even though the checkmark is unchecked. How can I fix this? Also, the reason why I don't use a window capture source (if that...
  2. EdwardNottingham

    Question / Help Looking for a way to record Audio only (Using Muxer settings maybe?)

    Hi! I've been looking for a way to do this for quite a while. The output panel has settings that allow us to record video and multi-track audio using the mkv encapsulation. This is great, and I love it! However, a nice addition would be the ability to record only the audio tracks and disable...
  3. Jarod997

    Question / Help Webcam with multiple setups

    I have two different scenes, each scene uses a different video source, but each source uses the same webcam "item". The first source uses the webcam with a 1.333 ratio, the second source uses the webcam with a widescreen ratio. Problem is, even if I have "Deactivate when not showing" checked on...
  4. A

    Question / Help Disable and re enable sources

    Sometimes i have to disable and re enable video sources to fix them, and make them output a signal. Is there a way to script that, or keybind that? I have a streamdeck, and it would be really cool to be able to have a "fix" button that just does stuff like this.
  5. M

    [Feature] Ignore f.lux tint

    I'd love if OBS had a toggle box to enable/disable f.lux's tint in the video output. I've seen people suggest this before, and I think this is a must for OBS.
  6. 2

    Question / Help removing all audio content in recorded mp4 file

    I'm capturing 1080p60 video only from a camera via HDMI through USB capture box. I've disabled audio packets best I can within the HDMI transmitter chip (there is no physical audio input either), but when I record with OBS to an MP4 file it still shows 1kbps, 1 channel (mono), 44.1 kHz for...